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 Seasonal Maintenance

#1. Spring Check-ups   

Air conditioning equipment requires maintenance for proper operation, Spring check-up will provide the service needed for every part to operate optimum when summer time arrives, bringing temperatures in the high 90's and low 100's in this region, that will cause brake downs due to worn-out parts or refrigerant leaks in poor maintained equipment, that will result in a more expensive repairs and higher utility bills.


 #2. Fall Check-ups

Gas operated furnaces (residential central heat), require maintenance & inspection every year, to keep it working safe & efficient. Faulty equipment will generate *Carbon Monoxide and *Fire. It is always recommended to have your system checked and tested to prevent accidents.

*Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Fire are the cause of many deaths and millions of dollars in property damage every year.




#3. Emergency Service

Brake downs, water leaks, etc., anything can happen in a very hot summer day on in a cold freezing winter day. JM Service Air is ready to serve you!... Most of the time the same day!



#4. Replacement of air conditioning equipment

When a system becomes old and inefficient or when remodeling is necessary, JM Service Air is very glad to offer our customers not only the right price but the experience to replace the equipment with a more efficient system that will save you money, and will probably pay for itself, by lower utility bills. You will be provided not only with the best deal to save you money but with a high quality installation or replacement.  



#5. New Construction

If you are building your own house or if you are a general contractor, we are glad to offer you excellent, reliable complete duct work and equipment installations in new houses or existing, let us bid in your next project... let us know!

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#5. Advise you can trust


After 30 years in business, JM Service Air can offer you an honest advise of the equipment and parts that not only will meet your budget, but will offer you greatest savings & comfort. 


Call today for a maintenance or service appointment!

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